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Enabling better global research outcomes in soil, plant & environmental monitoring.

SKR 100 Display Meter

The Skye Display Meter range allows easy, direct readings of light levels from Skye PAR, Pyranometer, Lux, and Red/Far-Red sensors.
Each meter is individually matched to its associated sensor to give accurate, calibrated measurements. Sensors cannot be interchanged without factory adjustment.

The SKR100 is for use with the SKR 110 Red/Far-Red sensor.

  • Easy to use.
  • Direct readout of light levels in 3 switchable ranges.
  •  1 and 2 channel sensor versions.
  • 2 channel model has additional ratio display.
Ranges – SKR 100 0-2, 0-20, 0-200.
Units umol m2s-1
Power Supply 1x 9 volt PP3 battery, alkaline or +NiMH. Approximately 250hrs life with alkaline.
Operational Temperature Range -10 to +60°C
Accuracy 0.1%
Linearity Typically better than 0.1% of working range.
Display 3.5 digit LCD
Controls On/Off (Unit is automatically turned off when sensor is unplugged)
Range 3 positions, ratio mode on 2 sensor models.
Dimensions 145mm height, 80mm width, 35mm depth.
Weight 280g including battery

The meter has a 3 position range switch to cover low to high extremes of light levels. The 2 sensor model also has 3 display modes, it will display readings from sensor 1, sensor 2 or a ratio of both sensors simultaneously.

The meter has a clear 3.5 digit LCD display with a low battery indicator. Power is automatically switched off if the sensor is disconnected.
Precision input circuitry ensures linearity of the calibrated measurements over the entire working range.

For recording applications, the Display Meter has a buffered output for direct input into a data logger.